The FranchiZe Profile™ and Industry Specific Assessor Tools

Do you need help selecting top performing franchisees?

The FranchiZe Profile™ can help you select top performing candidates by measuring the top  7 critical core values of successful franchisees.

A top performing franchisee:

1) Understands how important it is to treat employees

2) Understands how important the customer is to their business and will also train staff accordingly

3) Takes initiative & action to make things happen

4) Has a strong work ethic, strong drive for success

5) Has a positive attitude for success

6) Understands the importance of following the system

7) Is comfortable with people, extroverted

To learn how you can use The FranchiZe Profile™ as part of your Franchise qualification process or to receive a sample report, please click here or call 519 212 0309

Industry Specific Assessment Tools

Help your franchisees select the right team using our industry specific assessor tools:

1. The QSR Performance Assessor™ 

girl-with-order-in-hand QSR assesor

Increase your profits with the QSR Performance Assessor™. The quick and easy way to boost your Quick Serve Restaurant’s profits is with The QSR Performance Assessor™.

It’s an independently validated, user-friendly tool that predicts which new hire will perform in the top 25% of your QSR employees with 90+% accuracy.

2. The Wellness Sales Assessor™

wellness assesor

It’s a real challenge out in the world of business – how to keep new clients coming in the door and keep existing clients coming back. None feel it more keenly than the spa industry.

Spas are always changing and adapting for the times. Don’t just to put together another package or discount or special. Instead, now is the time to put your best face forward….qualify your new hires with the Wellness Sales Assessor™.

3. The Caregiver Assessor™ 

caregiver assessor

All great home care companies have a number of qualities in common that take them from being a good company to a company at the pinnacle of their profession. They are well known in their industry and have a great reputation for care, compassion and service.

So, how do the top home care companies reach the top and stay there?  By hiring compassionate caregivers using The Caregiver   Assessor™.

To learn more or to receive an industry specific sample report, please click here or call 519 212 0309